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General Contracting

We offer a high-quality complete solution according to the customer's needs: preparation, design, construction, interior finishing, and warranty service.

Project design

A well-thought-out project makes the cooperation smoother for both parties and saves the customer time and money. We also prepare and carry out electrical projects.

Real Estate Development

Feld Kinnisvara offers a real estate development service, which includes the preparation of construction together with the execution of works and landscaping.

Project Management

We offer consulting and budget planning and ensure that the construction process goes smoothly.


Smart Home Solutions

We help you choose a suitable solution, design, and give advice on the choice of equipment.


Special projects

We perform factory removals, including disassembly, assembly, removal, and transportation of electrical equipment, cabling, etc.

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From idea
to high-quality execution

Whether you are planning larger development projects or smaller reconstruction works, our professional team will help with good advice and high-quality execution.



Why work with Feld?




We offer high construction quality, a skilled workforce and good materials.


Project Management

We contribute to cooperation and smooth customer communication to provide overall good customer experience.


From idea to execution

Our services include design, project management, general contracting and real estate development.

Customer feedback


Professional and fast execution of work

Collaboration with Feld Ehitus was pleasant. The work was finished quickly and the result was nice. Due to the circumstances that were found out on the spot, a calculation and a price offer for extra work was made fast. I will definitely continue to use Feld's services and I strongly recommend it to others!

Decent work and polite communication

Feld fit into the timeframes of the procurement and most of the agreed work was completed as we imagined, and within agreed budget.

Satisfied with good cooperation and the end result!

Cooperation with Feld Ehitus went well. Work was started and completed on time. We were very satisfied with the end result!

Good cooperation and result is guaranteed!

The whole process was characterized by active management and systematic handling, fast and thorough preparation and the desired result. Feld's project managers provided practical guidance for a better result. I recommend Feld Ehitus to anyone who wants to perform general construction.